Will Kareena Kapoor work with Alia Bhatt? Depends on Karan Johar, says Bebo

Kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhatt`s career trajectory seems similar. While Bebo got the unforgettable character Poo from Karan Johar, the filmmaker gave Alia her first film. Alia also considers Kareena as her idol of sorts. 

“I think that she’s truly truly gifted. She is such a spectacular actor. Her choices also – she also does these commercial big ones, then she’ll also do something like a Darlings. She likes to do this which is great,” Kareena told Mid-day during the latest Sit With Hitlist episode.

Now Alia is also part of Kareena`s family, but they had never met as kids. “As a child, I had never met her. I didn’t know her as much. Now she’s of course a relative and in the family, but I think I am a huge admirer of her choices, especially because I think that is what makes an actor,” she said.

Did they ever have a conversation about their similar career paths? “No, I know that she adores me and loves me and it’s a very mutual thing because I truly think she is the best in this generation. We keep saying that we should definitely do something together. Let`s see how that energy bounces off. Our picture went viral and everyone started messaging Karan Johar. He is like, why is everyone messaging me? I said, the onus is on you now. We have just thrown it to him.”

Won`t Karan be trolled again for being a nepotist? “Oh God, now we are hardly nepotistic yaar… we have worked for 23 years, ismein nepotism ki kya baat hai. We have had our fair share of complete disasters and debacles. But you have to constantly keep coming back trying to do something different and if that wouldn’t be the case, then we wouldn’t be at this interview today. It`s also because of some choices that I have made, some films that I have dared to do. 

Kareena acknowledges the fact that she had the privilege of being on a movie set when she was young. “I will always say that that advantage is definitely there. Especially someone like me, who has been on sets with Karishma, is definitely very lucky. But maybe that’s like 1% of the advantage. I might have been there to see what’s happening on the set but I have not faced the camera. I haven’t shown my talent. So, that you can’t take away from someone. It`s an X factor. Look at Shah Rukh Khan. It is an X factor, you either have it or you don’t.”

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