Uorfi Javed hits back at Raj Kundra for joking about her clothes

Actor Shilpa Shetty`s husband Raj Kundra recently made his standup comedy debut. Like his public appearances, Kundra was seen wearing a funky face mask that completely covered his face. During the set, Kundra joked about several things including including his involvement in a pornography-related case. 

In his set, Kundra took a dig at the paparazzi and named Uorfi Javed as well during the same joke. However, the former Bigg Boss contestant did not take the joke well. 

In a viral clip, Raj is heard saying,”Agar mujhe kisi ne pyaar kia hai na pichle 2 saal mein, toh woh hai paparazzi. Kyuki 2 hi toh inke star hai, ek main aur ek Uorfi Javed. Or Media yahi dekhti hai ke Raj Kundra kya pehenega aur Uorfi Javed kya nahi pehengi (the only one who has loved me in the last two years is paparazzi. They only have two stars, me and Uorfi Javed. Media wants to know what can I wear more and what Uorfi cannot wear anymore).”

Uorfi reshared the video and tagged Raj as `porn king`.  She wrote,”Dosro ko nanga kar ke paise kamane waale ab meri kapdo pe comment karenge (the one who is earning from cheap means is now commenting on my clothes). Sorry not sorry porn king.” Raj is yet to respond to the comment. Uorfi Javed is widely known for his quirky fashion sense. From making an outfit from just cotton candy to using a garbage bag as dress, Javed is known to make heads turn with her confidence. 

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Meanwhile, for his standup act, Kundra introduced himself as, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Raj Kundra, also known as ‘mask man’, also known as Shilpa ka pati, and also known as ‘sasta Kanye West’.”

The businessman also addressed his infamous pornography case during his act. “18 saal ki umar mein London mein taxi chalaya karta tha, 21 saal ki umar tak pashmina shawl ka empire khada kar diya maine. Mera kaam hamesha se kapde chadhane ka tha, utaarne ka nahi (I was driving taxis in London at age 18, by 21 I’d set up a shawl empire. I was always interested in getting people to wear clothes, not to get them to take them off),” he said.

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