Tiger 3: Salman feels ‘quite amazing’ on having first Diwali release Katrina

One of the most successful on-screen Jodis of Indian cinema, Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif, have never had a Diwali release together! With Tiger 3, this iconic pair is set to entertain India and cine-lovers all over the world this Diwali!

While taking about having first Diwali release with Katrina, Salman said, “It is always special to have a release in Diwali because I have very fond memories of how the festival has always blessed me with good luck. It is quite amazing that Katrina and I, as a pair, haven’t had any Diwali release and Tiger 3 will be our first Diwali film! As co-stars, we have done films that have been loved by many people. So, if we can give them the best Diwali with Tiger 3, we would be very humbled.”

Adding to it Katrina shared, “This Diwali is extra special because I have a release in Tiger 3, a film which is about triumph over evil. It’s also my first film with Salman to be releasing on Diwali! Salman and I are looking forward to entertaining everyone and adding even more joy and excitement to this Diwali’s festivities.”

She further added, “This year I feel we will be celebrating Diwali with everyone all through the country with our film release and I hope we give everyone an amazing Diwali gift in Tiger 3!”

Diwali has a special place in the hearts of these two superstars as it’s loaded with nostalgia. Salman while talking about Diwali said, “For me, Diwali has always been that festival that brings people together, brings families together. I’m looking forward to spending this Diwali with my folks. I will watch Tiger 3 with my entire family this Diwali and I hope everyone  does too and thoroughly enjoys this big screen experience.”

Katrina further added, “Diwali has always been a festival all about celebration. For me, it is a festival of togetherness, love, light, celebrating our families and bonds of friendship and the acknowledgement that good will always triumph over the bad.”

Produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Maneesh Sharma, Tiger 3 is set to release this Sunday, Nov 12 in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.

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