Stand-up comedian Agrima Joshua takes over the bar with Night Shift at KMC*

Step into the spotlight of KMC* `s Night Shift once again as Agrima Joshua, an engineer-turned-comedian, and pop culture enthusiast takes centre stage at the restaurant to curate an unforgettable evening inspired by her favourite TV shows and movies.

On November 18, the vibrant atmosphere of KMC* in Fort will come alive with cocktails created by Agrima with the expert guidance of Jishnu AJ, head mixologist, KMC*.

The first drink draws inspiration from Mad Men. As Mad Men romanticises the sophisticated world of advertising, the Coffee Flavored Old Fashioned Cocktail pays homage to this era of bold creativity, with the richness of coffee and timeless elegance, allowing each sip to transport you to the glamour of Madison Avenue. 

Delve into the underrated horror and supernatural elements of True Detective with the Yellow King Beer Cocktail. Agrima`s choice reflects her deep connection with the show`s philosophy and its impact on her reading choices, including Nietzsche and Thomas Ligotti. This concoction blends complexity with a touch of darkness, a unique journey for the taste buds. 

Upgrade to grown-up vampire content with True Blood`s Red Vodka Cocktail. Agrima reminisces about the TV show`s portrayal of relatable vampires while whipping up a crimson creation that explores both the flavours and allegories embedded in True Blood`s narrative.

Inspired by the horror film Midsommar, Agrima introduces the Arabolla Flower Green Drink. This green concoction, adorned with floral garnish, goes beyond the surface of horror, delving into the complexities of toxic relationships. The drink brings the vivid imagery of Midsommar to life, offering a beautiful and immersive experience.

Join us for an evening of Main Character Energy, where the worlds of these iconic shows come to life in a glass. With each sip, discover the nuanced flavours that reflect the essence of these shows, creating an experience that goes beyond the screen.

Speaking about this Agrima says, “I`m devoted to comedy and inspired by the limitless possibilities of cinema and television—the greatest art forms of our time, and what better way to show my love then through this!”

Speaking of this IP AT KMC*, Sagar Neve, co-founder at KMC* said, “Night Shift embodies the very spirit of what our space represents—a community. It`s a vision where every enthusiast, regardless of their background, can step behind the bar, curate their own cocktail, and share it with the crowd. Night Shift at KMC* is more than an event; it`s a canvas for creative expression where cocktails become stories.”

Stay tuned for many more Night Shifts where you will see your favourite creators, artists,  influencers, and industry experts, each month offering their cocktails specials at KMC*. 

Where: KMC*, Kitab Mahal, Fort 
When: November 18
Time: 8 pm onwards
Reserve a table: +91 99876 53397. 

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