Mumbai’s dams 98.56 per cent full thanks to rain gods

The dams that provide water to Mumbai are 98.56 per cent full thanks to the recent showers that lashed the city. Now, the city needs to receive the same amount of water that is typically supplied in six days—20,869 million litres—to ensure that its water requirement stays fulfilled until June 15, 2024.

A BMC official stated that if the stored water lasts till the month’s end, Mumbai will be supplied water regularly until the next monsoon.

As per civic lake level data, on Friday morning the water stock in all lakes was 14.26 lakh million litres. Their total capacity is 14.47 lakh million litres. 

According to the BMC official, 100 per cent water stock can fulfil the city’s needs till June 15 next year. “Even current water stock can be sufficient. Ninety-nine per cent water stock is also sufficient. But, this should remain till the end of September,” the official added.  

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“All lakes touched the 97 per cent level. The dam gate of the Bhatsa, the largest lake that supplies water to Mumbai, opened on September 18. If the rainfall continues, the expected water storage will remain till the end of the month. Showers have been predicted,” the official said.

The city receives 3,950 million litres of water per day from the dams.

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