Mumbai: Traffic nightmare at junction near 2 Garba grounds in Borivli

The Phoenix Hospital junction at Padma Nagar in Borivli West has once again become a focal point for traffic challenges during Navratri. The spot, which serves as the link between two renowned Garba grounds, has been grappling with the increased influx of revellers, despite the dedicated efforts of traffic personnel. The internal road junction plays a vital role in the local traffic system, particularly during the annual Garba season. Two well-known grounds in the vicinity draw attendees from various parts of the city. The presence of diligent traffic personnel is notable at the junction. However, managing the overwhelming crowd poses a unique challenge as the number of people attending Garba events during specific hours of the day has increased substantially over the years.

Haphazardly parked vehicles near the grounds are also obstructing the flow of traffic. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) had issued clear guidelines to Navratri mandals to provide parking spaces for Garba enthusiasts. However, the sheer volume of visitors has made it nearly impossible to accommodate everyone in designated parking areas. As a result, many attendees are left with no choice but to park their vehicles near the Garba grounds, leading to bottlenecks.

Residents, revellers exasperated

A resident, lamented, “Navigating through the traffic at the Phoenix Hospital junction during Garba season has become a daunting task. It not only affects daily commuters but also disrupts the peace and quiet of our neighbourhood, making it a challenging time for everyone who lives here. It’s disheartening to see the community disrupted by the traffic.”

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Prashik Kamble, a Garba enthusiast, said, “We come here to enjoy the Garba, but the traffic situation often leaves us exhausted. It’s disheartening to see such chaos during the festive season, and it can sometimes take away from the joy of the celebration. It’s as if we’re paying the price for the festivities with our time and energy, and it’s challenging to make the most of this special time.”

Voicing his concerns, a local shop owner, said, “While the festival brings in more customers, traffic congestion affects our business. It’s a tricky situation, and we hope that the authorities find a way to make the situation more manageable and business-friendly. After all, it’s an important time for local businesses too, and we need a solution that benefits everyone.”

Mihir Joshi, a frequent commuter through the area, added, “Traffic jams have become a part of our daily routine during the Garba season. It’s frustrating, and we hope that the authorities find a solution to ensure smoother traffic flow and reduce the daily inconveniences we face. Our daily routines get disrupted, and we’re all looking for a resolution to this issue.” When contacted, the traffic department’s deputy commissioner of police refused to comment on the issue.

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