Mumbai: Shah Rukh given Y+ escort security following threats

The state government has granted Y-plus escort security to Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan following specific threats that have emerged after the tremendous success of his movies Pathaan and Jawan. In a wireless message dispatched to all units across the state, the Maharashtra police have instructed all commissionerates and districts to provide Y-plus escort security for the actor wherever he goes, ensuring his safety.

In view of the recent imminent and probable threats to Shah Rukh Khan, all unit commanders are requested to provide him Y+ with escort scale of security on a payment basis with immediate effect till the next high-level committee recommendation and review committee decision, during his visit/ engagements and stay in your jurisdiction to avoid any untoward incident,” the communication read.

AKs, Glocks and MP5s

According to sources, Khan has been receiving threats from various anti-social elements, including on social media, after the release of his comeback films. Agencies have scrutinised his security arrangement, which currently comprises two Mumbai police constables and private security personnel.

Shah Rukh Khan at the premiere of Kaamyaab in Andheri West on March 3, 2020. File Pic/Sameer Markande

Sources within the police department explain that Y-plus escort security entails Khan being accompanied by six trained commandos from the VIP security unit of the state police, armed with MP5 submachine guns, AK-47 assault rifles and Glock pistols. Additionally, his residence will be guarded around the clock by four armed police personnel. The actor will also receive traffic clearance for his vehicles during his road travels, which will be provided to him all over India.

Recent successes

“The actor has received many threats following the success of his two recent movies, and intelligence reports indicate an increased threat to his life. Therefore, it has been decided to provide Y-plus escort category security to SRK, and he will cover the cost of his security, sparing taxpayers from the burden,” an officer stated.

Sources have indicated that during the release of Pathaan, significant controversy arose surrounding the song Besharam Rang with right-wing groups criticising the saffron-coloured bikini worn by Deepika Padukone. As a result, the actor received multiple life threats from various quarters.

Downgraded in 2016

According to sources, SRK had four armed police personnel in 2011 following the release of his film My Name is Khan in 2010. However, this was downgraded to just two guards in 2016 after a security assessment. Salman Khan was also recently provided with Y-plus escort security due to specific threats from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang and intelligence reports suggesting surveillance of his residence by the criminals.

No of commandos that will escort actor

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