Mumbai: Sept dengue, malaria cases may surpass previous months

Dengue and malaria cases for this month could exceed the counts of previous months if the current upward trend continues. From September 1 to September 18, the city reported 756 cases of malaria and 703 cases of dengue.

In the previous month, the city reported 1,080 cases of malaria and 999 cases of dengue. Meanwhile, leptospirosis has seen a decline in September due to a shortage of rain, with only 50 cases reported so far. Gastroenteritis has also decreased, with 322 cases. According to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation`s health department, 11,926 houses have been inspected so far in September for malaria control measures, and 1,270 anopheles mosquito breeding sites were detected and destroyed.

For dengue control, the civic body inspected 7,09,798 houses and 7,59,524 containers, resulting in the destruction of 9,976 Aedes mosquito breeding sites. Fogging activities were carried out at 34,095 building premises across the city and at 4,70,098 huts.

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mid-day had previously reported that the civic body has collected a little over Rs 19 lakh in fines since January after legal action was initiated against 1,242 entities that failed to follow pest control norms. Till August, the pest control department has issued 14,385 notices to various entities that failed to maintain their premises in mosquito-proof conditions.

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