Mumbai: Passenger dies in accident while trying to get off a moving train

Three passengers attempting to disembark from the slowing Pune-Mumbai Deccan Queen Express at Kalyan Station had an accident on Friday morning. While one person succumbed to injuries after he lost his legs, the other two suffered injuries. They fell onto the tracks while trying to exit the train as it slowed down briefly. It`s important to note that the train does not make a scheduled stop at Kalyan.

Central Railway officials confirmed the incident, explaining that the train was passing through Kalyan station on platform 7 at around 9.38 am. Since there is no planned stop at Kalyan station, three passengers tried to disembark from the moving train. Unfortunately, one of them came into contact with the train`s wheels, another fell onto the platform and sustained head injuries, while the third person had minor injuries.

The Railway Protection Force identified two of the victims as Farid Rahimatullah Ansari, 22, who passed away, and Riyazuddin Noor Mohamamed, 19, both residents of Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. The injured victims were rushed to Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation`s Rukminibai hospital near Kalyan station. We are currently awaiting further details on their conditions from the doctor`s report.

Upon witnessing passengers falling from the train, the train crew and station staff promptly halted the train at Kalyan. It remained stationary for 12 minutes between 9.38 am and 9.50 am, causing delays to other trains during the morning rush hour.

Time of the accident

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