Mumbai: Metro Green Line 4 on fast track, work order for depot in place

The much-delayed Metro Green Line 4, which runs through the eastern suburbs, has moved ahead with work orders for the car shed and track lying in place.

“Significant progress has been made in the construction of the Mumbai to Thane Metro network as the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has now appointed a contractor for the construction of the Mogharpada depot (car shed) in Thane. The depot will serve Mumbai Metro Green Line Routes 4 and 4A, connecting Wadala to Gaimukh. SEW-VSE (JV) will be conducting the work with the lowest bid of Rs 9,05,00,00,000 for the construction of the depot,” an official said.

“The depot will cover an area of approximately 42.25 hectares at Mogharpada and will include various facilities such as stabling yards, an operational control centre, administrative buildings, maintenance and workshop buildings, an auxiliary substation, staff quarters and other necessary infrastructure. The depot will have 64 stabling lines (32 present and 32 for future provision) 10 inspection bay lines and 10 workshop lines,” he added.

“In another development, the MMRDA has also approved the tender for laying a ballastless railway track to connect Mulund fire station to Gaimukh station and depot. Apurvakriti Infrastructure Pvt Ltd has been appointed for this task. The tender for this work was accepted at a cost of R121,55,91,349, which is 7.29 per cent less than the initial tender amount.

“Mumbai Metro Routes 4 and 4A are vital transportation links connecting two major cities in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The construction of the Metro line is well underway, and it is essential to build the depot promptly to ensure its availability to the public as soon as possible. The track construction will also commence alongside the depot. We have selected contractors for both tasks, and work will begin shortly,” said MMRDA Metropolitan Commissioner Dr Sanjay Mukherjee.

Area that will be taken up by depot

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