Mumbai: ‘Five-star’s staff didn’t even apologise for the incident’

A 7-year-old girl staying at Sahar’s JW Marriott Hotel, suffered a serious injury when a waitress allegedly accidentally spilt hot tea on her. The girl, Mayra Jain, received 6 per cent – 7 per cent burns on her arm on September 27 and was admitted to a hospital for treatment. Her family told mid-day that the waitress told Mayra not to say anything. They claim the five-star’s staff didn’t apologise for the incident and even charged them for a cab to travel from it to the hospital.

The Sahar police registered an FIR against the waitress, Monalisa Basumati, for negligence in the incident on September 30. The FIR was registered by Jain’s grandfather Vilaschandra Porwar.

On September 24 Mayra’s father booked a room at the hotel for his family. He has got a job in Mumbai and they were visiting him before shifting from Gurgaon. Mayra came along with her mother Rajeshwari, 42, her elder sister Sara, 14, and grandparents.

The incident

According to Porwar’s complaint, on September 27, while Mayra was in a restaurant at the hotel where they were having breakfast, Basumati accidentally spilled hot tea from a tray on her arm. Mayra screamed in pain and started rubbing the burnt area in distress. Seeing this, other customers started gathering. Porwar claimed a hotel guest from abroad who alerted them, told them that Basumati instructed Mayra to stay silent about the incident. Mayra’s grandparents immediately took her to Hiranandani Hospital in Powai for treatment. The doctors said she received about 6 to 7 per cent burns on her arm.

‘Hotel solely responsible’

Speaking to mid-day, Porwar said, “The hotel is solely responsible for this incident. We demanded to see the CCTV camera footage to check how this incident happened but hotel staff refused to show it to us. We were sitting at a table having breakfast and Mayra had walked away. A guest from abroad at the hotel alerted us about the incident when the crowd gathered. The waitress told Mayra to keep quiet and not say anything about the incident. The hotel staff booked a cab for us to take Mayra to the hospital, but they added charges for it in our bill. The staff didn’t even apologise for the incident.” The family of Mayra has shifted into another hotel in Mumbai.

Senior Inspector Sanjay Govilkar of Sahar police station said, “We have registered the FIR against the waitress, Monalisa Basumati of JW Marriott hotel, for negligence under IPC Section 337 and sent her a notice. We have asked for the CCTV camera footage from the hotel to check how this incident happened and are yet to get it.”

Despite repeated calls and messages, Marriot officials refused to comment.

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