Mumbai: Central Railway changes platform numbers at Panvel stn, mayhem ensues

There was utter chaos at Panvel station as Central Railway (CR) on Tuesday changed platform numbers without informing the general public and commuters. “You cannot wake up suddenly and renumber platforms overnight without giving any notice. There was too much suffering and chaos at Panvel station in the morning. They renumbered the platforms without any notice and warnings,” said a commuter,  Prakash Kadam.

“We got on the local train at Panvel station as the platform indicator showed it was the 8.09 am train. The entire train was packed and then Railway Protection Force (RPF) officers came up and emptied it saying it was the 8.19 ladies special and that the platform numbers had been changed in the morning. You can imagine the anger among the public. This is not the way,” another commuter, Anant Kamath, said.

CR officials said they had decided to change the platform numbers in view of Panvel Suburban Yard remodelling and formally announced the changes in the evening. Commuters also trolled them as there had been a lot of confusion since morning, causing a lot of inconvenience. “Do they not have any standard operating procedure? Do they not follow any rules or sympathise with the general public or are on their own high?” Rishikesh Mukadam, another commuter asked.

Disarray in Ghatkopar

Ghatkopar railway station was overflowing with Mumbai Metro Blue Line One commuters as there was a service disruption, leading to overflowing of Metro passengers on the railway premises on Tuesday morning. While the crowding jammed the Railways’ 12-metre-long footover bridge, CR commuters said they had no place to walk. Mumbai Metro Blue Line One issued a statement on social media saying “Services were slightly delayed due to a technical fault.”

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