Mumbai: Alert BEST bus conductor prevents accident as driver falls unconscious

A driver of a civic-run BEST bus in Mumbai fell unconscious while behind the wheel. Fortunately, a disaster was averted due to the quick thinking and actions of the bus conductor, who managed to apply the hand brake, safely bringing the vehicle, carrying 35 passengers, to a halt, stated a PTI report.

The incident occurred late on Saturday night in the northern part of Mumbai, specifically in the Pushpa Park area. As the bus was in motion, the driver suddenly lost consciousness, leaving the vehicle without anyone in control.

According to a report, conductor Lahanu Gopal Nagre, displaying remarkable presence of mind and composure, promptly took action to prevent what could have been a disastrous accident. Nagre swiftly applied the hand brake, effectively bringing the bus to a controlled stop.

Thanks to Nagre`s alertness and quick response, the passengers on board, totalling 35 individuals, remained unharmed, and a potentially catastrophic incident was averted.

An official from the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) undertaking provided details of the incident, highlighting the critical role played by Conductor Nagre in ensuring the safety of the passengers. The official also confirmed that the condition of the unconscious driver is currently stable, the PTI report stated.

In an incident that happened earlier this year, an alert BEST bus driver averted a major accident. Raju Jagan Pawar, aged 50, was operating bus route number 425 when he realized, around 11:49 am, that the vehicle`s brakes were not functioning. Pawar, who has been driving BEST buses in the city since January 2010, managed to prevent a catastrophe, albeit with minor damage to the bus. All 14 passengers on board the bus were unharmed.

BEST officials have initiated an inquiry to determine the exact cause of the brake failure. In the meantime, the undertaking has decided to reward the driver for his quick thinking and for averting a potential disaster.

A senior BEST officer explained that the driver immediately alerted other motorists by honking loudly and then steered the bus into a bracket of an ongoing metro line construction on the left side of the road, safely bringing the vehicle to a stop.

Upon receiving information about the incident, local police officials arrived at the scene and cleared the traffic. Meanwhile, the bus driver was honoured by the Assistant Commissioner of the local traffic police department for preventing a potential disaster.

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