Minor girl fatally falls from 4th floor bedroom window in Virar

A four-year-old girl died after falling out of the bedroom window of her fourth-floor flat in Virar West around 8.15 am on Tuesday. The child, Darshini Jayalayn, was alone at home as her mother had gone to drop her father to Virar railway station at the time of the incident.

Bachraj Lifespace tower at YK Nagar in Virar tower. Pics/Hanif Patel

A few days ago, Darshini had fallen off the family’s two-wheeler following a mishap involving an autorickshaw. The Virar police have registered an accidental death report (ADR) and are investigating the matter. Darshini resided at the Bachraj Lifespace tower at YK Nagar with her father Suresh and mother Manimeghle. There was no gap between the bed on which the child was sleeping and the window.

Suresh told mid-day, “I work at a consulting firm at Kurla and catch an AC local train at 7.56 am at Virar station daily. On Tuesday morning, my daughter was fast asleep and we decided not to disturb her. Manimeghle was dropping me off at Virar station, which is 10-15 minutes away from our home, on her Scooty.” “When my wife returned home, she found my daughter lying in a pool of blood in the compound. She rushed her to the hospital but she was declared dead before admission,” he added.

Suresh Jayalayn, girl’s father

“We used to take our daughter along with us to the station on the Scooty, but a few days ago, an accident took place involving an autorickshaw and she fell down. Because of this, we would take her downstairs and let her sleep on a sofa on the ground floor in the passage area where the security guard would keep an eye on her. On Tuesday morning, my daughter was fast asleep so we didn’t take her down. After we left, she woke up and opened the slide window. She hit her head on an air-conditioner installed outside,” Suresh said. The family has decided to donate Darshini’s eyes.

8.15 am
Time on Tues when incident occurred

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