Maharashtra: Teenage girl dies of snake bite in Arnala

A 17-year-old girl lost her life after allegedly being bitten by a poisonous snake at her home in Arnala in Maharashtra on Sunday night. This tragic incident occurred while the girl was sleeping in her house. A snake entered her room through a window and bit her on both hands. The Arnala police, based in Virar, registered an Accidental Death Report (ADR) and initiated an investigation, said an official on Tuesday.

The deceased, Sanjana Ashok Chavan, was sleeping at her home in Arnala when a venomous snake bit her on both hands. Upon realizing that she had been bitten, Chavan immediately informed her family. They rushed her to the Municipal Corporation`s Hospital in Virar West. However, since treatment for a snakebite was not available there, she was transferred to a rural hospital, the official said.

At the rural hospital, doctors administered treatment to Chavan, but unfortunately, she passed away during the early morning hours on Monday, around 1:45 AM. A post-mortem examination was conducted, and Chavan`s body was subsequently released to her family, the official added.

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