Krishna Janmashtami 2023: `Human pyramid is all about formation and timing`

On Monday, a Spanish human pyramid coach stated that the Dahi Handi process is about formation with a lot of safety and stress must be on timing rather than the number of layers. The expert is her in Thane to attend the `Dahi Handi` festivities on September 7. 

Michal Ferret Miralles from Vila de Gracia in Barcelona also stated the Janmashtami festivities in Mumbai are “amazing” and he is here to observe the methods employed by various `Dahi Handi` mandals and give suggestions.

Speaking to PTI, Miralles said, “The game should be held in a safe manner. The number of layers is not important. It is the manner in which you form the pyramid and the timing”.

Miralles further added that the way human pyramids are formed in Mumbai and Spain, where it is an age-old tradition, are different. Both Mumbai and Spain can work together to promote the process worldwide.

“There is no competition between us (Mumbai and Spain). We do not want you to change your ways. We are here to guide and provide our expertise,” said Miralles, who will be attending the `Dahi Handi` celebrations organised by Sanskriti Yuva Pratishthan and Pratap Sarnaik Foundation in Vartak Nagar.

the political leader also stated that Miralles and his team from Spain will be invited to take part in the `Pro Govinda` event next year. the `Pro Govinda` competition was started by the Maharashtra government in 2023 and the the top prize money was of Rs 11 lakh. The competition was held in Mumbai`s Worli area last week.

Dahi Handi, is a form of a human ppyramid in which teams of participants, called `Govindas` break a eathen pot tied several feet from the ground. the Maharashtra governemtn gave `Dahi Handi` the status of `adventure sport` in August last year.

(with inputs from PTI)

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