Koffee With Karan 8: Everytime Kareena Kapoor roasted Karan Johar

The word `Zen` is increasingly being attached to superstar Kareena Kapoor Khan and it came up on the latest episode of Karan Johar`s controversial show `Koffee With Karan`. Karan recalls the time when Kareena was hyper before the release of Madhur Bhandarkar`s film `Heroine` and how she became calmer with her approach to work without bringing down the passion towards her job.

Pouts and selfies: 

Kareena also has appeared on every season of Koffee With Karan  and it wouldn`t be wrong to call her a Koffee veteran. For this season, Kareena was joined by Alia Bhatt, who is also her sister-in-law. When Kareena called Alia her favourite, Karan joked, “Aren`t you your own favourite?` she said, “Apart from me I have to like other people right. So I like Alia.” Talking about being one`s own favourite, a segment in the audience vibe check, Kareena was perceived to find it horrifying to spend a year with a pout picture. However, Karan said that Kareena does not click pout pictures, to which, she said that Karan takes more pout selfies than her these days. ““I think these days, with that backdrop of your terrace, Balenciaga Sweatshirts and Givenchy and this and that you. Everybody is going crazy. I am only firing him by sending messages saying, what are you doing? I am unfollowing you now if you continue this, your photoshoots from the top angle with those bada glasses.”

Nursery spreaders and Director`s actor: 

On the show, Alia Bhatt revealed how she and Ranbir would fight over holding Raha. To this, Kareena quickly said that it is a cue to have one more kid. Later, in the episode, when Alia shared Karan`s reaction to her pregnancy and their decision to inform Ranveer as he was part of the film that they were making, Kareena jumped in and said, “Yes, so that he could also have a child during that period”. To this, Johar calls her a `nursery spreader` and she says that everyone should have kids. 

Kareena also referred to herself as a director`s actor. To this, Johar sarcastically said, “Oh wow! That is the line of the show. This line that you have picked up from 80000 actors. You are nobody`s actor, you are your own actor.” But Kareena sticks to her point and says affirmatively, “But I am. I listen to all my directors.” Alia, too, agrees with her and recalls her experience shooting an ad with the actress. 

Taking the bus to Hollywood?

In one of the previous Koffee With Karan episodes, Kareena had said that many Indian actresses are hoping on to the bus to Hollywood and she is very content being here. When Karan brought that up referring to Alia`s Hollywood debut and global presence at the Met Gala, Kareena looked at Alia with surprise asking if she is moving to Hollywood. Alia denied saying she only looks at it as an English language films, just like she wishes to do a Telugu language or Malayalam language film. Kareena said that she does not want Alia to settle in Hollywood saying, “She is a jewel in the crown and I am the crown.”

When Karan asked Bebo whether she is now interested onboarding the Hollywood bus, the actress cheekily said, “Mai mere BEST par thik hu.” 

Walking down the acting memory lane: 

Karan brought up Kareena`s performance in the song `Kasam Ki Kasam` from the film `Maine Prem Ki Deewani Hoon` and how she gave very intense and overtly expressive looks. He also imitated her expressions in the song `Ayi re Aayi Re Khushi` from the film Khushi. Bebo instantly said “No one is interested in this. Do you know anybody who can do that which such conviction?” Kareena also told Karan that he is watching it because he doing the same. 

What history? 

Karan also dug up Kareena`s old rift with Ameesha Patel. He asked why she was not at Gadar 2`s success party and asked if Ameesha was the reason. Ameesha featured in Kaho Na…Pyaar Hai owing to Kareena leaving the film. “What history? The only history I know is her movie created history,” said Kareena slyly avoiding stirring up an controversy.

When Karan further asked her the reason for missing the party, Kareena asked him, “Were you there at the party?” He said yes. To which Bebo replied, “Oh yeah, you are at every party. Shaadi, sangeet, success party, etc.” 

The snoozefest with Aamir Khan

Karan also brought up the snoozefest episode of hers last season with Aamir Khan. “Maybe you were boring me,” reasoned Kareena. “I was behaving the way Karan behaves at his own dinners. Karan gets bored 20 minutes after inviting people and he leaves his own dinner and wants to start playing a game. He is just bored and wants us to leave.”

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