Khushi Kapoor talks about playing Betty in `The Archies`

Khushi Kapoor will be making her acting debut with one of the most anticipated films of the year. The girl who was in the spotlight and set social media on fire for attending the iconic Dior Ready to Wear SS24 show at Paris Fashion Week was seen speaking in the most charismatic manner on stage to a live audience on Wednesday at the India Today Conclave. 

Opening up about playing the character of Betty from the popular Archie comics, Khushi said, “I think we were casted because I was so much of us that we have in our characters and there`s a lot about Betty that I see in myself as well and I think I found that out the more I played her. I think she`s very sweet and empathetic but I think she`s also sensitive sometimes and she is really caring but I think sometimes she can tend to put other people`s needs ahead of her. So I think I identified with certain parts of her a lot, the more I played the character.”

Speaking on the best advice she has ever got, she said that, “I think as cliche as it sounds, the best advice I got was to just have fun and I think everyone on set at some point has told me this because I tend to get in my own head a lot…I get nervous sometimes, but I think just being told to relax and have fun and Zoya specially like so many times she had come up to me and said you know you are meant to be Betty, just have fun and be. Honestly, I think it was just having that support that made it easier for me. I don`t know if they gave me any particular tips specifically but I think just having them to talk me through things and be there for me helped a lot.”

On the fact that she is known for her innate sense of style and is a social media inspiration for so many people out there, Khushi said that, “I don`t think that there are any rules in fashion. I think if you feel good in something and if you like wearing something then you should completely just own it and wear it. I think confidence can elevate any outfit and ya I think you should just do whatever makes you feel good yourself.”

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