India Cocktail Week is back with its second edition in Mumbai

India Cocktail Week, is back to stir up the vibrant city of Mumbai with its one-of-a-kind celebration of mixology, culture, and creativity. This annual festival, now in its second edition is set to be bigger and better, promising a weekend filled with innovative cocktails, music, brand experiences, and a sense of community like no other. 

The event is on December 2 and 3, 2023. The cocktail festival is a testament to the growing cocktail culture in the country. With a mission to elevate the appreciation of cocktails and foster a sense of community within India, the festival brings together cocktail enthusiasts, spirits industry professionals, brand representatives, tastemakers, lifestyle and beverage bloggers, influencers, music enthusiasts, and curious consumers. 

Curators of ICW, Akshat Kumar, Sharan Behl, and Rakshay Dhariwal, express their excitement about this year`s season and the unique experience it promises to offer to attendees. 

Quoted by the spokesperson, “The concept revolves around celebrating the best international and homegrown brands, mixologists, innovative cocktails, and visiting bartenders from the world`s top 50 bars. It is a week that combines a shared passion for cocktails, creativity, stirring the flavours, music, and the joy of shaking things up. 

Mumbai was chosen as a kickstart city due to the overwhelming response it received during the last edition. The patrons eagerly anticipated the return of India Cocktail Week and the organisers can`t wait to be back with another edition, promising double the fun”

What is unique about this festival is its ability to unite all these diverse groups under one roof for a fun-filled weekend of flavours and discovery. Highlights include brand experiences, live and electronic music performances, guest shifts by award-winning bartenders, innovative cocktail creations, masterclasses, food and retail pop-ups, and much more. 

During the two-day festival, they will showcase over 25 plus brand experiences, host bartender guest shifts from the world`s top 50 bars, conduct cocktail masterclasses and provide an energetic lineup, a craft alley, a gaming arcade zone, and much more. Further, artists like Prateek Kuhad, Sickflip, Tech Panda x Kenzani, Kayan, DJ Kan-i, Lynston, Choksi, Aria x DJ Maark IV, and many more will add more life to the overall festival. 

Tickets are available on Insider. Don`t miss out on this one-of-a-kind celebration of mixology, culture, and creativity. 

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