Hostel Daze to Tumse Na Ho Payega, new Indian OTT releases to watch this week

We bring to you `Indian OTT releases` to look forward to. From Charlie Chopra and The Mystery of Solang Valley to Hostel Daze, there`s a mix bag of emotions ranging from thrilling to lighthearted. Happy streaming!

Charlie Chopra & The Mystery Of Solang Valley – Sony LIV (September 27)

In a thrilling new series premiering on SonyLIV, Charlie Chopra & The Mystery Of Solang Valley takes viewers on an exhilarating journey into a world of suspense and intrigue. This adaptation of Agatha Christie`s classic novel, “The Sittaford Mystery,” introduces us to Charlie Chopra, a determined and resolute woman who finds herself entangled in a web of mystery and murder. As Charlie delves deeper into her investigation, she unveils tales of deeply concealed family mysteries, friendship, betrayal, love, and greed. But the closer she gets to exposing the truth, the more apparent it becomes that her own life may be in peril. With secrets lurking around every corner, “Charlie Chopra & The Mystery Of Solang Valley” promises a riveting experience for mystery enthusiasts.

Hostel Daze season 4  – Prime Video (September 27)

Prime Video welcomes back the uproarious gang from TVF`s “Hostel Daze” for a fourth season of laughter and camaraderie. The show revolves around four engineering college buddies – Jhantoo, Ankit, Chirag, and Jaat – as they navigate the challenges of hostel life while striving to strike a balance between their mischievous antics and academic pursuits. As the group prepares for their placement year, they must summon all their determination and wit to secure respectable jobs before bidding farewell to their cherished hostel days. With the promise of more hilarious escapades and heartwarming moments, “Hostel Daze” Season 4 is a must-watch for fans of the series.

Kumari Srimathi – Prime Video (September 28)

In the picturesque heart of India, a remarkable woman named Kumari Srimathi, aged 30 is authoring her own tale of resilience and ambition. Unmarried, trapped in a seemingly unfulfilling job, and grappling with a dysfunctional family, Srimathi faces a pivotal moment in her life. Her ancestral house, a repository of cherished memories, teeters on the edge of slipping away forever. To reclaim it, she must summon an impressive sum of money in a remarkably short time. However, instead of succumbing to despair, Srimathi sees an opportunity amidst the challenges.

Srimathi envisions a future where her ancestral house is once again a part of her life. Her entrepreneurial spirit ignites, leading her to a bold decision: starting a bar in her village. This choice, though rife with societal and moral obstacles, becomes her path to redemption. In a village steeped in tradition, her ambition to venture into the world of business as a woman is met with skepticism and scrutiny. Yet, she remains undeterred.

Choona – Netflix (September 28)

After an unexpected delay, the much-anticipated dark comedy series “Choona” is finally ready for release, and it`s coming to Netflix. This gripping show revolves around Shukla, a corrupt politician portrayed by the talented Jimmy Sheirgill, who faces a nightmarish ordeal when a group of individuals he has wronged in the past comes together to seek vengeance. Leveraging Shukla`s deep-rooted superstitions, they manipulate his decisions and craft a daring plan to abscond with millions of rupees from his grasp. However, their meticulously crafted scheme encounters unforeseen challenges as Shukla proves to be no ordinary adversary. With a stellar ensemble cast including Vikram Kochhar, Aashim Gulati, Namit Das, Chandan Roy, and Arshad Warsi, “Choona” promises to be a rollercoaster of humor and suspense.

Tumse Na Ho Payega – Disney + Hotstar (September 29)

Tumse Na Ho Payega is poised to capture the hearts of viewers. Set for release on 29th September, this gem is a must-watch for every young individual seeking inspiration and insight into the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. The film revolves around a young man who, much like Kumari Srimathi, decides to break free from the confines of a conventional 9-5 job. Instead, he embarks on a journey to establish his own business with the support of his friends. As he navigates the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship, he encounters a series of challenges and obstacles that would deter the faint of heart. However, his unwavering determination and belief in his vision drive him forward.

This cinematic masterpiece beckons viewers to witness the transformative power of resilience and the relentless pursuit of one`s dreams. “Tumse Na Ho Payega” is more than just a movie; it`s a celebration of the human spirit`s capacity to rewrite the script of life and prove that, indeed, “Ho Payega” – it can be done.

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