Horoscope today, October 14: Check astrological predictions for all zodiac signs

Do you know what the stars hold for you in terms of love life, career, business and personal wellness today? Well, read on to know your astrological predictions as per your zodiac sign for October 14.

March 21 – April 20
Worries about finances gradually taper off, drawing a karmic cycle of plenty. Try to monitor blood pressure regularly.
Cosmic tip: Make it a point to appreciate yourself. Don’t be self-critical.

April 21 – May 20
A relationship with someone known begins for some Taureans. Health is good. 
Cosmic tip: Try to give up this habit of worrying after you’ve taken whatever actions needed to be taken.

May 21 – June 21
Thinking and strategising how to get another source of income is revealed. Consider ramifications before going ahead with plans.
Cosmic tip: Admitting your role in the fiasco helps heal the relationship.

June 22 – July 23
Be confident while taking part in a presentation for which you’ve prepared so much in detail.
Cosmic tip: Letting go of the past is best since all is well now.

July 24 – Aug 23
Plans are changed at the last minute since something really wonderful takes place.
Cosmic tip: Take special care of a senior. Be very aware about how he/she is feeling.

Aug 24 – Sept 23
Income increases, much to your delight. Enjoy the peace which comes with making right karmic choices.
Cosmic tip: Consistently clear clutter from personal spaces as well as from life.

Sept 24 – Oct 22
Buying/ renting property is revealed. Receiving appreciation for work completed feels so good. Continue doing your best.
Cosmic tip: Give love and care in the same manner you expect to receive.

Oct 23 – Nov 22
This is the wrong time to try and sort out some legal problems. Hold on till November.
Cosmic tip: Wait a while, getting to know the new friend properly before trusting completely.

Nov 23 – Dec 22
Happy but also slightly tired after all the work; you look forward to a day off. Continue with this change in attitude.
Cosmic tip: Enjoy this time of recognition and appreciation.

Dec 23 – Jan 20
Receiving good news and not so good news makes this an interesting, if slightly convoluted day. Consciously avoid arguments.
Cosmic tip: Don’t weigh yourself down with past memories.

Jan 21 – Feb 19
A family business begins moving ahead quicker after a slight plateau phase. A wish manifests surprisingly quickly.
Cosmic tip: Enjoy the comfort and luxury brought in due to incurring positive karmas.

Feb 20 – March 20
Actions may be based on a need for security; so that’s alright, too. A friend comes over to tea.
Cosmic tip: Enjoy this experience of totally selfless love. You love just because…

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