Enjoy some vintage vibes alongside delicious food at this new eatery in Mumbai

Although food remains the key factor that makes diners keep going back to any restaurant, an appealing ambience and hospitality are added factors that truly mark a spot in the hearts of diners. 

If you are someone who loves exploring newly launched eateries, here is another one that launched recently in Mumbai’s Kurla Marketcity. 

Dobaraa’s new outpost is a speakeasy bar that blends rustic charm and grunge. The ambience is set to transport patrons to a Berlin underground-like scene. Housed in a hard-to-find location within the Phoenix Marketcity, the outlet embraces mystique and enigma.
The food at Dobaraa is helmed by Chef Anil Nayar who recently moved back to the bay from Seattle where he was running a cutting-edge gastro pub. He is further supported by the talented and eccentric local SoBo boy, Chef Akhil. 

The menu, in addition to the usual suspects, aka pub-grub, includes Eastern nibbles like Zaatar Pita With Hummus and Lebanese Batata Harra, global favourites like British Batter Squid, Daikon Radish Cake, quirky Ched takes like Adobo Thecha Chicken Shashlik, Punjabi Poutines, Bawaji Nu Dhanshak, and Chicken 33 among other delectable items on the large plates menu. 

Besides this, there are breads, between breads, food bowls, pizza, pasta and desserts. Guests can expect a culinary journey like never before, with flavours and combinations that are certain to leave a lasting impression.
Restaurateur Prashant Issar says, “Dobaraa represents the rebel in us, trust me it exists in all of us. Dobaraa makes you feel powerful and ready to take on the world.”

Dobaraa’s newest outlet is a speakeasy bar that seamlessly blends rustic charm and vintage vibes. Soft, amber-hued lighting will bathe the room in a warm and inviting glow. The ambience is set to transport patrons to a retro era with its warm, cosy, and soft-glowing interiors, adorned with antique décor and rugged aesthetics. 

Dobaraa`s Kurla Market City outlet will embrace an element of mystery that is sure to captivate all those who step inside. Striking a perfect balance between the sophistication of the bygone era and contemporary comfort, Dobaaraa’s speakeasy bar’s atmosphere promises dining moments like no other.

Dobaraa`s Kurla Marketcity outlet opened its doors to the public on November 10, 2023.

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