Director Ajay Bahl reacts to YouTuber`s review of Arjun & Bhumi`s Lady Killer

The Lady Killer, starring Bhumi Pednekar and Arjun Kapoor, was released on November 3. According to reports, Ajay Bahl`s crime thriller was reportedly made on a budget of Rs 45 crores. Allegedly, due to delayed shoots and production schedule postponements, the film was released half-complete. After the release of the film, a YouTuber called it incomplete in his review. Following this review, director Ajay Bahl himself reacted to it. Ajay Bahl opened up and clarified the confusion around the film being released incomplete.

Director Ajay Bahl reached out to the YouTube channel known as Tried & Refused Productions to respond to the review of the movie The Lady Killer. The director wrote, “Hi Jammy! This is Ajay Bahl. I like your reviews and that`s the reason I am reaching out here. To confirm, yes the movie is incomplete. 30 pages of the 117 page screenplay were never shot. A huge number of connecting scenes, Arjun and Bhumi`s entire romance, Bhumi`s dependence on alcohol, Arjun`s sense of being trapped and losing everything and having to run from town, his sense of total despair, all these psychological beats are missing.”

He further added, “So yes its no surprise that the film feels choppy and disjointed. and one finds it hard to connect with the characters. NOW about the rumours floating out here, As director, it was extremely painful to shoot The Ladykiller but absolutely not because of the actors, Arjun and Bhumi were sheer joy to work with. They gave their heart and soul to the film, The problem lay elsewhere but that is another story.” 

Earlier when Arjun talked about the film, he shared, “The Lady Killer is one of the most exciting scripts of my career and I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Bhumi and my director Ajay Bahl for the first time. I can’t wait to work with them and get to know them better.”

He further reacted and said, “I think we will have an amazing time in Manali & also have a fantastic shoot schedule. My role in the film is very intense and something unexplored for me. It is layered and it will empower me to do something new on camera in a new place with new people.”

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