Director Ajay Bahl defends The Ladykiller, calls it a `complete film`

Arjun Kapoor and Bhumi Pednekar`s The Ladykiller seemed to be a promising film ever since it was announced in 2021. However, the Ajay Bahl directorial was released in theatres without any buzz or promotions. The lead pair of the thriller also stayed away from sharing promotional assets on their social media pages. There were rumours of The Ladykiller being an incomplete film. Director Ajay also reacted to a YouTube video and claimed that `30 pages of the 117-page screenplay were never shot`.

However, calling his comment on The Ladykiller`s incomplete release `sarcasm`, Ajay said in a new statement, “It’s a humorous take on a baseless rumour circulating about the film`s completion status. I understand that humour and sarcasm can sometimes be misinterpreted. I want to emphasize that The Ladykiller is a complete film that has been released for the audiences and I am immensely proud of this project. I am grateful for the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in bringing this film to fruition.”

Reacting to Anmol Jamwal`s review on YouTube, Ajay commented, “Hi Jammy! This is Ajay Bahl. I like your reviews and that`s the reason I am reaching out here. To confirm, yes the movie is incomplete. 30 pages of the 117-page screenplay were never shot. A huge number of connecting scenes, Arjun and Bhumi`s entire romance, Bhumi`s dependence on alcohol, Arjun`s sense of being trapped and losing everything and having to run from town, his sense of total despair, all these psychological beats are missing.”

He added, “So yes it`s no surprise that the film feels choppy and disjointed. and one finds it hard to connect with the characters. NOW about the rumours floating out here, As director, it was extremely painful to shoot The Ladykiller but absolutely not because of the actors, Arjun and Bhumi were sheer joy to work with. They gave their heart and soul to the film, The problem lay elsewhere but that is another story.”

The Ladykiller was released in theatres on November 3, 2023. Owing to zero pre-release buzz, the thriller received fewer shows in cinema halls.

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