Boney quashes reports of Sridevi being pregnant with Janhvi before marriage

Veteran actress Sridevi left behind an unmatched legacy. She passed away in 2018 due to an alleged drowning in a hotel`s bathtub. While she was in the news for her professional achievement, Sridevi`s personal life also made headlines. There were reports that the Mr. India actress was pregnant with her first child, Janhvi Kapoor, before marrying producer Boney Kapoor

In a recent interview with The New Indian, Boney dismissed reports of Sridevi`s pregnancy before marriage. He said, “My second marriage, my marriage with Sri (took place in Shirdi). We got married on June 2. We exchanged vows, we spent a night there and it was only in January when her pregnancy was seen that we had no choice, but to marry publicly. It took place in Shirdi, on June 2. (But), in public, we were married only in January (1997). That is why some scribes still write she (Janhvi) was born before marriage, something like that.”

Boney spoke about Sridevi`s untimely demise. Calling it an accidental death, Boney shared, “It was not a natural death; it was an accidental death. I had decided not to speak about it because I spoke about it for almost 24 or 48 hours together when I was being investigated and interrogated. In fact, the officers said we had to go through this because there was a lot of pressure from Indian media. And they discovered there was no foul play. I went through all the tests, including lie detector tests and all those things. And then, of course, the report which came, clearly stated it was accidental.”

He further revealed, “She often used to starve; she wanted to look good. She wanted to make sure she was in good shape, so that on-screen, she looked good. From the time she was married to me, she had blackouts on a couple of occasions, and the doctor kept on saying she had a low BP issue.”

Sridevi breathed her last on February 24, 2018, in Dubai. She was there to attend her nephew-in-law Mohit Marwah and Antara Motiwala`s wedding. Boney was with her in Dubai whereas their younger daughter Khushi Kapoor attended the wedding but returned to Mumbai soon after. Sridevi reportedly extended her stay to shop for Janhvi`s 21st birthday. 

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