BB17 Day 10 Highlights: Mannara calls Ankita `cunning` for using term `bacchi`

10 days into Bigg Boss 17 and equations between housemates are changing rapidly. As the game gets tougher, the contestants have to struggle to enjoy basic amenities. One of the important Bigg Boss 17 Day 10 Highlights was food. The episode had a few key moments. One was Bigg Boss` new rule for the kitchen. 

Bigg Boss gathered the housemates in the living room and gave them a major shock. He announced that the kitchen would not be open throughout. Each house- Dil, Dimag and Dum- would get a stipulated time to prepare meals only for the contestants residing in the respective houses. Fight ensued between Rinku Dhawan and Abhishek Kumar over the distribution of food. 

While Dimag and Dum housemates got time to cook food that was sufficient for survival, Dil teammates struggled with their meal. However, the members of Dimag house offered them their share of food and chose to stay hungry. As per the rule set by Bigg Boss, sharing of food wasn`t allowed. The entire house received a punishment. He imposed further restrictions on the kitchen and allowed just an hour for each team. Despite stating the rules clearly, Ankita and Aishwarya started preparing rotis before the kitchen could open. Further, 12 minutes were reduced from the time given to use the kitchen. 

Sometime later, Ankita went to the Dimag room and spoke to Jigna Vora. While talking, the actress casually and lovingly addressed Mannara Chopra as `bacchi` (child). The Zid actress didn`t take it well and accused Ankita of being `dominating` and `cunning`. Ankita returned to clarify that she didn`t mean to disrespect Mannara and used the word casually. 

Mannara clearly expressed that she doesn`t like Ankita. Out of rage and anger, the actress said she wants to go back to her reality and world. Munawar Faruqui was with her constantly. Mannara also took a dig at Ankita for participating in the show with her husband, Vicky Jain. 

Later in the day, Ankita came to Mannara and swore on her late father that her intention behind calling her `bacchi` wasn`t wrong. Other housemates like Rinku Dhawan and Khanzaadi tried to calm her down. In the bathroom area, Mannara broke down and Munawar stayed by her side to calm her. 

Apart from this, a major fight between Abhishek Kumar and Sana Raees Khan took place in the house. 

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