8-year-old undergoes surgery for accidentally swallowing metallic pendant

An eight-year-old boy recently underwent surgery after he accidentally swallowed a metallic pendant, roughly the size of a mini bat. The incident happened on September 18, when the minor had unknowingly ingested the foreign object while engrossed in play.

The parents rushed him to the private hospital at night, and an X-ray confirmed the presence of the pendant lodged deep within his small intestine.

Speaking about the case, Mumbai-based Bhatia Hospital’s Dr Hardik Shah mentioned, “We observed that the keychain had traveled quite deep into the small intestine. The medical team proceeded with an endoscopic procedure, delicately navigating to the site of the pendant.”

“In a late-night procedure, the medical team skillfully retrieved the pendant. Due to the necessity of fasting before administering anesthesia, the procedure had to be performed at night, ensuring the patient had fasted for the required duration,” said Dr Rishi Mantri, anesthetist at Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai.

Speaking on the prevalence of such cases where foreign body ingestion is involved, particularly in young children. Dr Hardik Shah, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Bhatia Hospital, said, “We encounter around 10 to 12 cases of foreign body ingestion in a year, mainly involving small metallic objects like pendants. These cases primarily involve young children who accidentally swallow these items while at play.”

Dr Shah emphasized the need for vigilant supervision during playtime, especially with small toys and objects that children might put in their mouths. “Accidental swallowing of coins, marbles, or small keychains is a common scenario. Parents and guardians need to exercise caution, especially with sharp objects that could potentially cause internal trauma and bleeding,” he urged.

He further added, “Sharp metallic objects like safety pins and needles should be kept away from their reach to prevent accidental ingestion, as dealing with such cases can pose considerable challenges.”

After recovery, the young boy was discharged the next day.

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