8 short dad jokes to make you laugh

mom:Do you think we’re made of money?
daughter: Isn’t that what MOM stands for?

I wanted to get rid of my old knackered flat screen tv that doesn’t work anymore.
The council said they would charge me £27.00 to collect it and dispose of it.
Instead, I paid £7.50 and booked an online courier to collect it and deliver to somebody I don’t like!

In my last job my wages were paid in vegetables.
I left because i was unhappy with the celery.

It was a very moving ceremony.
Even the cake is in tiers.

So, today, I told my team about the importance of dried grapes.
It’s all about raisin awareness.

Yeah. I was in a Zoom meeting when I told that joke and they didn’t laugh either.
It turns out I’m not even remotely funny.

My mum told me that I can’t drive a car made of spaghetti.
You should have seen her face when I drove pasta.

Why are Catholics so upbeat after church gatherings?
Because they convert Mass into energy.

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